What We Do

Development Partnership

As a contracted manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, we develop products in collaboration with customers in the pharmaceutical industry, in accordance with legal regulations and main guidelines. We develop projects in active partnership with our customers, which makes it possible to fulfill their wishes effectively.

The development work, which is performed in accordance to the Milestone principle, makes professional design and time management, accessible and possible for our customers.

Packaging Solutions

Atlante keeps available for our customers moderns storage installations and the latest packaging solution technologies. As we develop the packaging model, we try to predict different situations, seeking to facilitate the transport and the patient access to the product, adapting them to the new habits of consumers.

The know-how in packaging technology accumulated over the years, allows us to adapt existing packaging solutions in a unique way for our customers and also to develop new technologies.

Manufaring Hard Candy and Lozenges

Medicines: Development, manufacture and packaging of allopathic and herbal medicines in the pharmaceutical form of Hard Candy sucrose based or sugar free , lozenges, in different flavors, formats and formulations, serving the largest laboratories in the country.

Foods: Development and manufacturing sucrose based or sugar free hard candys and lozenges, in different flavors, formats and formulations with vitamins, oligosaccharides and others.



  • Mission
  • Values
  • Quality

To improve people’s lives, overcome the expectative and accept great challenges.

Integrity, honesty, innovation, dynamism, respect, quality and dedication.

Critical attitude, compliance with good manufacturing practices and other applicable standards, quality assurance, safety and efficacy in the products supplied.

Our History

In the 1920s, Mr. José Petrin, an Italian immigrant and a pioneer in Brazil in the manufacture of mints and candies, starts a success story at, “Mints Factory A Americana” located on Gasometro Street in Sao Paulo.

In 1931 Mr. José Petrin starts his own business in Piracicaba state of Sao Paulo, sugar producing region, named José Petrin. In 1946 the Company changed its name to Atlante Mints and Caramels.

Conquering name and relevance in its operating area over the years, in 1970 the new facilities were inaugurated, thereby being able to specialize in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for third parties, in the form of lozenges and medicinal hard candys.

The quality of the products and the innovative vision has brought Atlante closer to the largest national and international industries, becoming a strong and reliable partner.

Since 2010, Atlante moved to a new headquarters, in the Industrial District Uninorte in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo, with ample physical space, cutting-edge technology, obeying all standards and procedures, so our products, medicines and food, are within the stricter standards of hygiene and quality.

Our Team

Marcelo Villela Petrin


“It is possible to achieve development respecting the society and environment, bringing health to people. We do this every day, thanks to everyone who is or has been part of this long journey of almost 100 years.”

Danilo Miotta Petrin


“Close to 100 years’ tradition, but always keeping the high level of dynamism and innovation to supply the highest quality products for all our customers, those are only some Atlante’s differencial.”

Mirela Neves Strapassano


“Life quality, development opportunity, integrity, benefits and communication transparence, are some factors of this organization that prove its look towards people.”

Caroline Harada Okuda


“We produce and pack products with security, seeking to meet the demand of our customers with quality and efficiency, investing in the best technologies available in the market.”

Main Partners

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Address:280 Geraldo Bizuti St, Capim Fino
City:Piracicaba/SP, 13413-090, Brazil
Phone:+55 (19) 3917.1640 / +55 (19) 3433.9633